Web Analytics Specialist

Job description

We are looking for a talented data centric Web Analytics Specialist to support us continue our rapid growth trajectory. You will be responsible for the development and implementation of various data projects including attribution measurement, web analytics data enhancements, web data and measurement audits, behavioral measurement etc., in order to enhance the reporting and insights capabilities of our teams and our partners stakeholders. This role will report directly to the Head of Business Intelligence and will work closely with Senior Executives throughout the business.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Implement site and mobile tracking solutions for data collection and implement measurement tags using Tag Management Systems (especially Google Tech Stack -Tag Manager, Analytics-)
  • Be responsible for setting up web analytics platforms and other related measurement tools
  • Partner with in-house and external teams to test and optimize new and existing tracking implementations
  • Be involved in the brief, specifications and strategy process of a data collection project and produce the technical instructions for the developers’ implementations
  • Serve as a technical contact for the measurement implementation requests and manage the processes and the teams involved in the projects
  • Be responsible for deployment, monitoring and extending new and current collection projects via tag management platforms
  • Maintain (test, validate and troubleshoot issues) the tagging and collection implementations
  • Analyze online user behavior and customer journeys to deliver actionable insights

Job requirements


  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience with tag management systems in web and mobile app environments
  • Experienced with Web Analytics platforms and web measurement tools, especially Google Tech Stack (Tag Manager, Analytics)
  • Ability to read and edit JavaScript code and HTML, CSS
  • Strong understanding of Internet and Browser Technologies and Web APIs technologies (i.e., DOM API)
  • Ability to read and understand data reports, metrics, dimensions and other data related material and concepts
  • Strong understanding of the digital marketing landscape and the impact of measurement technologies on websites and online advertisement
  • Able to interpret data and extract actionable insights and conclusions
  • Strong analytical skills with ability to measure, test and refine
  • Business oriented mindset
  • Team player with the ability to adapt in agile ways of working


  • Competitive salary
  • Private Medical & Life Insurance
  • Inspiring and challenging projects
  • Growth opportunities
  • Extensive education
  • City Center Office
  • Bonus opportunities