About us

We launched Relevance Digital Agency in 2013 with one goal in mind: to create a cutting-edge digital business & technology services provider and redefine the added value of performance marketing to a company’s growth and sustainability. Today, other than implementing the latest performance marketing techniques using custom technology our mission is to help our clients with their business by: (1) using Business Intelligence tools to integrate our clients’ properties with marketing tools for better attribution and automation, (2) analyzing data and helping them take well-informed business decisions. We have our finger on the pulse of digital transformation and are constantly investing in new technologies & capabilities. In the last year only, we have (1) expanded our development department, (2) institutionalized a Business Intelligence unit of experienced data scientists, (3) invested in people with deep industry expertise across verticals.

Our Principles

At Relevance, we focus on six core principles through which we cultivate our culture, promote excellence and evolve: Diversity - Knowledge - Innovation - Execution - Humility - Ownership.  

Our company's core purpose is to provide an environment for employees, clients and ourselves to flourish and throughout our nine-year long lifetime we have heavily invested time & resources in building and maintaining a strategy, structure and methodology with one goal in mind; Growth. We have also managed to create an inspiring working environment in which our people can perform and develop by guiding and being guided.

We Hire for Attitude and Train for Skill.

We see every new recruit as a next important building block for our company and search for well-rounded professionals with diverse backgrounds and an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Subsequently, we passionately invest in their skill-set development by:  (1) providing a comprehensive product education orientation (2) setting performance related targets that impact their end of year salary increase, reinforcing at the same time meritocracy, (3) encouraging attendance to Google/Facebook/Vendors events; (4) supporting an open space culture to nurture knowledge sharing.


We value transparency in all aspects of our business. When it comes to our employees, we provide an open floor plan, we share information and value their opinion in every step of our decision-making process. 


Today we have built a team of developers, physicists, mathematicians, designers and marketeers. With such a diverse team, we have enhanced our creativity, group problem solving and company culture.


The Great Place To Work® certification is the largest survey conducted in the world in the field of corporate culture. This certification recognizes our commitment to fostering a truly inclusive, high trust and high performing workplace environment.

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Web Analytics Specialist
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Performance Marketing
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Branding & UI/UX Design
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Performance Marketing
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Relevance Digital Agency HQ

Karagiorgi Servias 4, Athens, Greece

Relevance Digital Agency HQ

Performance Marketing, Branding, Development, Software

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  • Competitive salary
  • Inspiring and challenging projects
  • Growth opportunities
  • Extensive education
  • City Center Office
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